Orrington Public Library


New Public Hours and Procedures

The public library is open to the public during these hours:

Monday 9-5

Tuesday 2-5

Wednesday 2-5

Thursday 11-7

Friday 2-5

On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, the library will be open to the middle school and school community only, from 8:30-2.

9/28/16: Our van delivery company brought to my attention today that I still had our February 2016 hours on here…wow, that was how many hours changes ago? For the latest developments in our ever-changing hours, please check Facebook. But I think we’re good until the end of the school year on this one.  -Audrey

Following is an additional school communication regarding our hours:

“As we continue to examine our protocols around security and maintaining the safety of our students, it was determined that use of the public library after 3:00 will only be available to middle school students. Elementary school students using the library after school must be supervised by a parent or guardian. This will begin immediately following February vacation. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

The already established library science club will not be affected by this change.”

To send an elementary student to a library program, please send a note dismissing the student to a designated adult (the library Facebook page will announce beforehand which adult), as you would do for a Girl Scout or Boy Scout meeting. The adult will pick up the group of participants and bring the students to the library.