Participant Name:______________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________

Phone Number:__________________________ Is this a cell phone? ______________

Business  Name:_______________________________________________________

Are you a crafter:___________ Direct Sales: ______________ Food vendor:______________

What do you sell: (please write a small description of items you plan on selling): _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________We will have a very limited amount of spaces that will have access to electricity. Will you need electricity? _____________________

Rules for the Booth spaces:

• Exhibitors will not be allowed to nail, screw or attach anything to columns, trees, doors, etc.

• All displays must look professional, clean and safe for customers

• All trash must be placed in the trash receptacles provided

• No alcoholic beverages or drugs will be permitted

• Exhibitors must be open during show hours – packing up and/or leaving early is prohibited

• No refunds will be given to exhibitors requesting to leave early on day of event.

  • No refunds will be given to exhibitors after June 15, 2018. 

• The library committee reserves the right to remove anyone not complying with the rules

Please sign this form and send your $30 payment by June 1, 2018. We will be posting on Facebook, sending information to local newspapers, etc. If all spaces are full before June 1st  we will announce it on our Orrington Library Facebook page. Please call if you have any questions. 825-4938

I agree with the rules of the Orrington Public Library’s Book/Craft/Vendor & Food Festival of 2018

__________________________________ signed by: __________________________(print name & date)

If you have any questions: library’s email:

You can mail your application and payment to: 15 school street Orrinton, ME 04474

Your checks should be made out to: town of orrington

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