Saturday, July 14, from 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
at the Orrington Public Library Grounds
Rain or Shine!

We are looking for crafters & artists to sell their beautiful crafts and wares. 

BOOTH SPACES AND INCLUSIONS: Exhibitors must provide your own 10’ x 10’ tent, table, chairs, etc. and be prepared for inclement weather as the Festival continues rain or shine. Spots are: $30 

Crafters & Artists We love the homemade style, the vintage, the original ,etc. please be sure to fill out your form with what kind of craft your make.

Direct Sale Reps. (Vendors) It will be a first to contact and pay for your spot. We will only have one per business at the event. Do not send in your application until you have contacted Kelly to be sure your spot is available. Thank you. Spots are $30

Food Market: we are looking for people who have gardens, or are into canning. Please contact the library if you have any questions. Vendors if you are interested in a Food market you will need to also pre-register for a spot. Thank you. Spots are $30 each

Authors: We are looking for Maine Authors (especially ones from Orrington)! Please contact the Orrington Public Library.

*All proceeds that are collected for the booths will go towards the Orrington Public Library. If you would like a form, please contact the library by calling 825-4938, look us up on our Facebook page: Orrington Public Library

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